Quantum computing.


Quantum computing is a very deep subject. Quantum nonlocality quantum entanglement all the quantum nonsense that nobody can really get their heads around because it’s so complicated. I think it was Niels Bohr that said if you think you understand Quantum physics probably don’t. What is really good about this new Benchmark for this new milestone is that this is actually the theoretical Benchmark that you need to build an actual quantum computer. Many futurists have talked about Quantum Computing and how they would result in the next stage of evolution of the human species these are things that we need to keep an eye on. So how does this relate to us and our everyday life. Obviously you can look for investment opportunities within the field of quantum computing. Since this Benchmark has been reached or this Milestone I should say the next step to Quantum computing can be just around the corner which is actually parsing data putting in question their queries and returning responses.


One of the  co-authors  this Oxford paper Professor David Lucas from the Oxford University’s Department of physics and Bellevue College collaborator  he was actually a co-author the authors are actually trying to achieve putting atoms in a Quantum logic state basically this means that the two atoms would be entangled or a Ying and Yang or the left and right of informational States I’ll just make up the word informational states that basically says that from what the atoms is doing you could determine what the other atom is doing. So this entanglement actually is a tremendous breakthrough to actually building the quantum computer. The computers that we use currently approximately have a greater than 99.9% rate of accuracy so now that this threshold that has been reached that allows us to say that,  yes we can actually say that Quantum computing is going to  be available to us in the very near future. Quantum mechanics is a huge subject and a subject that is very dear to my heart. My whole journey of mathematics and computer programming started with a book on quantum theory. If you really want to dive into the theoretical and into the spiritual of the theoretical, quantum mechanics is where you should start. Some people can’t get their heads around it but then some special people can actually understand it. So if you are those people who can understand waves and particles and the difference between them or even some mathematical Concepts it would be worth looking into quantum mechanics as a place to start for looking for ideas on where the future is going and where to put your thoughts ideas and money.

Of course, this is not the end of the knowledge we need to build before we can construct a quantum computer. We have a long way to go on the actual technology that surrouds the logic based informational transfers that are hardwired into the whole process. But trust and believe that quantum computing is just around the corner.


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