What is a Peripheral Display Device

Peripherals: Display Devices

Peripherals are separate devices that connect to the computer to allow you to interface with it. The following are display devices:

  • Monitor (CRT): Consider the monitor as the screen that you are now looking at. You may remember the large, heavier monitors and certainly have seen the older, deeper televisions that utilize cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. CRT monitors were the standard for many years. For example, one might have owned a 14-inch screen CRT monitor in 1994 and then later owned a 21-inch monitor that cost $600 and weighed 80 lbs. Even though some claim that CRTs have a better picture, the inefficiency of their size and the reduction in cost of the much thinner LCD screens have led CRTs to become much less common.

(“Tiger Direct: Computer & Electronics Internet Super Store”)

  • Monitor (LCD): The newer, thin liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are the new standard for computer displays. The cost for LCDs has dropped dramatically over the last few years, so sizes up to 25 in. or more are relatively affordable. LCD technology is also prevalent in televisions and, more historically, in watches and calculators. Laptop screens are nearly always LCD screens.

(“Tiger Direct: Computer & Electronics Internet Super Store”)

Projector: As you have probably seen, projectors can connect to a computer in the same method as a monitor to project the screen image on the wall or projection screen. Projectors have also dropped in price over recent years, and projectors have become staples of modern classrooms and large-scale audio/video systems.

(“Tiger Direct: Computer & Electronics Internet Super Store”)
Thre are many other peripheral display divices. Too many to cite here . At the bottom will be a link to a place where you can see many different peripheral display devices and even see them them in action.

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