Content Management Systems

In my line of work building Content Management Systems is a very important aspect. The content Management systems that I usually have the privilege of building, or being a part of building, are larger applications that need to manipulate large amounts of data.

The first real content management system that I built was for the Nevada Department of Corrections. This was essentially a management system that stored, retrieved, updated and deleted records of all of the court cases and criminal investigation cases that Nevada has ever handled. This content management system was unique in that the database was stored on a local machine. This database was not accessible to anybody else outside of this one local machine.

It was a very strange setup because Las Vegas Web Design in  the State of Nevada requested that only the technician at the terminal at the time had access to these records. The database system that I utilized what is a MySQL database system. I built an encapsulated server on the one machine so that when the technician sat at that machine the data would be entered locally and retrieved locally. The database was very large; I can’t remember exactly how big it was but it was humongous. The database held all of the court records and criminal records and criminal histories of all of the cases from Nevada recent and past. This is clearly an example of how important it is for the database to be robust and how pivotal the DB is to entire information system. It was very     important that the data be secure and that only the person or technician that was at the terminal at the time had access to this data.

The technician from this Hub could enter or pull out records or review records being sent to the database and allow them to be posted and then pull the records and send them to where they needed to be sent. It was very important that the technician, who usually was a law school student with IT background, was capable of data entry and capable of understanding how the data was to be formatted, put in, and then pulled out.

Interaction with the database was very important because records needed to be accurate and people would have access to sensitive information, for example OJ Simpson’s criminal records which by the way had the privilege of looking through in detail, but that’s neither here nor there. It is very important for the technician or the IT specialist to understand how the data is being entered and how it is to be retrieved. This is a very important aspect to keep the Integrity of the data or information intact.

On several occasions I have had to educate IT personnel or data entry specialist or interns or law students on how the data was to be entered and how it was to be retrieved in order for information integrity or data integrity to be maintained. I have also had to go into the system and fix data entries. I ended up actually forcing data entry to be put in in specific formats, formatting data types, formatting text types, formatting different aspects of text fields so that only certain types of data could be entered in certain types of tables or fields or records. So the information technology specialist or the data entry specialist having an understanding of the interaction between the database and the data is ultra-important. You can see also that backing up this data would have to be regular and accurately done.  Not only because the data was so important but it also had to be really accurate. Any new entries, if need be, would have to analyzed against old records for investigational reviews, changes, or general accuracy.

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