Blkclaw is a Blog that deals with technology and technological advances. There’s a lot of people out there that like to stay on The Cutting Edge of technology to find out where we’re headed and where technology is going. Inspirations are Ray Kurzweil, Amit Goswami, Stephen Hawking and people that are at the Forefront of technology and people that are creating things. Engineers like Sergey Brin and Elon Musk. Technology is ever shaping our lives and changing the way we live as human beings as a species. Understanding technology and understanding where technology is going it’s definitely a beneficial attribute to have. Some people may read this blog and want to know where to put money because our writers have invested a lot of time into researching technology. If you just want to stay abreast on what’s going on across the world or in universities and  think tanks everywhere read this blog. Technology is a wonderful thing but it is a double edged sword it can be used for good and it could be used for bad. This site is dedicated to all technology because even the technology that is used for bad, for instance guided missiles infrared sighting on certain high-powered weapons, can be adapted for freedom and good. We will explore everything from nuclear fusion to hollow point ammunition. We may even go into genetics, genetic altering, stem cells or coronary artery disease. Whatever our writers want to dig up or that they find interesting we will blog about.

Blkclaw is also interested in the way that humanity is being changed by technology we like to look into research and find ways that we can better ourselves and better the human species through the integration of Technology. Technology is going to be integrated with the humans  species and will eventually become us and us it. Ray Kurzweil has written a lot about this he calls this the singularity; when we become one with the machines and the computers become one with us. This is not science fiction this is eventually going to happen if scientific laws remain in place.


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