Like we’ve said before Here at blackclaw we love everything technology and the intersection of technology and human interaction. We received the request to embed a YouTube video that shows a life hack or just a small little hat 4 branding removal of a WordPress installation. We felt that it definitely fits with our brand in that we love to help make people’s lives better. And our good friend Teddy Deleon at is a good friend and actually helped us build this installation of WordPress. We love all things technology and we love all things that are dedicated to helping people do better in their lives. So also what can be done is to not just hack into a WordPress site but also to Life Hack and to look into the back end of life. So what do I mean by that well I mean that anything that you do that will help someone gain some insight into doing something that they really love or doing something that they may need is absolutely what Black Law’s all about so we encourage anybody to send in whatever they want just like mr. Teddy did and we will put it up and we will invade your videos and we will help you to get some exposure and do all the things that you always wanted to do and do it well.