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Connectivity Is Pivitol

Connectivity Is Pivitol

We all communicate in different aspect everyday. How do these communications happen? Everywhere there are electromagnetic waves fluttering through the air transferring data.

Who Maintains It All

Who Maintains It All

Behind the scenes there are legions of people taking care of our infrastructure and maintaining the foundations of society as we know it. Who are these people to whom we owe so much?

Where the twain shall meet

Where the twain shall meet

Where the twain shall meet is the engeneering that goes into all all the interconnectivity and and the infrastructure that we see. We should be in awe of what humanity has accomplished.

Plumbing Today

One of the biggest amenities of modern life is also one we usually take for granted. No one thinks about it when it works. We panic when it doesn’t. It’s little wonder that plumbers can control high work rates — in excess of $100 an hour—to make certain things keep flowing smoothly, in some regions.

Plumbing Fundamentals

Redding is in the midst of upgrading an important part of its building code. Learning it can be a quite satisfying experience or either a massive undertaking. I have consistently fortunate basic learning, learning based on developing a well-informed understanding of some area works, over rote learning, which includes memorization and repetition. Using logic to

Content Management Systems

In my line of work building Content Management Systems is a very important aspect. The content Management systems that I usually have the privilege of building, or being a part of building, are larger applications that need to manipulate large amounts of data. The first real content management system that I built was for the


The organization that I have chosen to write about is called coal Canyon High School. This is a high school in a small town in Northern Nevada called Lovelock. The high school only caters to about a hundred and fifty students. Within the small building of coal Canyon High School there was 6 classrooms. Each

What is a Peripheral Display Device

Peripherals: Display Devices Peripherals are separate devices that connect to the computer to allow you to interface with it. The following are display devices: Monitor (CRT): Consider the monitor as the screen that you are now looking at. You may remember the large, heavier monitors and certainly have seen the older, deeper televisions that utilize cathode ray tube (CRT)

Quantum computing.

Quantum computing is a very deep subject. Quantum nonlocality quantum entanglement all the quantum nonsense that nobody can really get their heads around because it’s so complicated. I think it was Niels Bohr that said if you think you understand Quantum physics probably don’t. What is really good about this new Benchmark for this new